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During the race the teams will have access to their boxes 2 times. Once on day 1 and once on day 2. 

max 1 box/bag per one location!
This means that Rover teams prepare 1 box for 1st location (day 1) and 1 box for other location (day 2).

| Explorer category | max 2 boxes/bags per one location!
This means that Explorer teams prepare 2 boxes for 1st location (day 1) and 2 boxes for other location (day 2).
One box/bags should not exceed 100 L volume!

Obligatory personal equipment of every competitor throughout the whole race:
- Matches or a lighter
- Whistle
- Water bottle or camel bag (min 1 L)
- Knife
- Astro foil (emergency foil blanket)
- Cat eye - reflector
- Lamp (headlamp) with spare batteries
- Sportident Chip (can be provided by organizer, 25 EUR deposit)
- A box or a bag for extra food and equipment (max 100 litres)

Obligatory team equipment throughout the whole race
- GPS transmitter for GPS tracking (weight: 250 g; provided by organizer)
- Mobile phone
- Fluorescent stick (2 pieces)
- Compass (2 pieces)
- First aid kit (basic first aid kit: 4x crepe bandage, 4x elastic crepe bandage, 4x sterile gauze pad 10x10cm, 2x triangular bandage, pack of plasters, 1x Adhesive tape 2-4 cm wide, 1x tweezers, 50 ml antiseptic wipes/spray, 1x dehydration salt)


Climbing, abseiling
- Helmet (bike helmet allowed)
- Climbing harness
- 3 carabiners (2 twistlock carabiner, 1 screw gate carabiner)
- 1 accessory cord (Prussic) 6mm 3m
- Climbing shoes (optional, running shoes will do)
- Petzl Stop, Anthron DSD, Petzl Gri-Gri, Anthron Lory, Edelrid Eddy, Petzl ID or any other similar device operating on a self-arresting principle. Also allowed is a combination of figure eight and security braking device such as Petzl Shunt [Picture] with all the carabiners and cords needed for such a combination. Make sure you know how to operate your equipment before you arrive.

Mountain biking, MTB-O
- Helmet
- Bicycle (equipped according to traffic regulations)
- Working bike lamps and spare batteries (headlamp can be used as a front bike lamp, rear lamp needs to be in accordance with traffic regulations - red flash light)

Kayaking, SUP
- Helmet (bike helmet allowed)
- Life jacket (provided by the organizer; teams can bring their own, but they need to be tight together or put in a separate bag)
- Paddles (provided by the organizer; teams can also bring their own, but they need to be tied together and marked with a team number)
- Neoprene suit (not obligatory)
- Team bag for wetsuits (we will deliver your bag to kayaking and SUP sections)

- Helmet (bike helmet allowed)
- Headlamp with spare batteries

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