• JUMP INTO ADVENTURE! and become a member of Adventure race
  • 38 more days till this years Adventure race Slovenia! Dont
  • Fortress Castra St Silvestre church Ferraris garden Trellis of European
  • Easter bunny came early this year with a little surprise
  • JUMP INTO ADVENTURE! and become a member of Adventure race
  • 38 more days till this years Adventure race Slovenia! Dont
  • Fortress Castra St Silvestre church Ferraris garden Trellis of European
  • Easter bunny came early this year with a little surprise

A lively ARS this year

We are happy to tell you that the course for this year is practically done! We will only be doing finishing touches in the coming days.
The adventure will take place on a much smaller area than we are used to, since it starts and finishes in the same location. It consists of several loops, the longest of which is 50 km in length. This will give you a lot of opportunities to adjust your route according to your skill and time. You will be exploring five caves and several interesting time-worn constructs. As per usual, asphalt roads are kempt to the minimum 😉

We are also opening signups for volunteer staff. If you aren’t feeling up to the challenge of the adventure, do consider joining us – we can always use an extra pair of hands!

Adventure race Slovenia 2018

The adventuring season of 2018 is approaching and we have a few announcements regarding this year’s Adventure race Slovenia. Let’s get right to it 🙂

As you may know, our event has quite a bit of history. The first Adventure race Slovenia took place in Velenje in 2003 and it has been running almost every year since then. We are proud to say that this will be the 15th edition of ARS. Some of you have been with us since the very beginning – thank you for your support and for all the adventures! To make this adventure even more memorable, we have a few surprises in the works…

Some of you already know Meta & Žine, seasoned adventure racers and the course planners of ARS 2016. They are back this year and they have not been slacking off during winter. The 2018 course is coming along nicely and we will be showing you glimpses of it on social media in the coming months.

For many years, our hometown of Velenje served as the base of operations for ARS. We decided it’s time to change things up. This year the entire event (the prologue, opening ceremony, start, finish and ending ceremony) will take place in Ajdovščina. The exact course will of course remain a secret until the morning of June 15th, but we will be a bit more revealing than usual in the hopes of enticing your inner adventurers 😉 Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date!

Velenje City Adventure 2017

Do you know how you’ll be spending the last weekend of the summer?
Join us on Sunday, 17 September, for an adventure around Velenje. There are three categories to choose from: 15, 30 or 60 km, they all include trekking, paddling and biking.

This adventure will be family-friendly – Pippi’s MINI adventure is an adventure racing event for children, part of the Pippi Longstocking festival. Write to us for more info in English 🙂

Hope to see you 🙂

Adventure race Slovenia 2018

We’ll see you on the 15th Adventure race Slovenia between the 14th and 17th of June 2018. But until then, we wish you a lot of new adventures!

Official results

Official results of Adventure race Slovenia 2017.
1st place: Pustolovec RAJD 1
2nd place: Pustolovec RAJD 2
3rd place: Vaitapu Adventure valley

Adventure race Slovenia 2017 has ended!

This year’s, fourteenth Adventure Race Slovenia is finished.
After the end, the participants were satisfied with their results and, above all, full of new experiences and interesting stories. They will surely come back next year.
The whole adventure and all the challenges that adventurers have faced on the course can be viewed on this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adventureraceslovenia/page1
Official results will follow soon.

Adventure taking off

The 14th Adventure race Slovenia is taking off. First, the opening ceremony at hotel Paka at 16.00. Next, at 17:30 the race prologue – city orientation around Velenje. You will be able to follow the adventurers on our website, which will have regular updates. The live tracking via Blackblox will also be available.

Explorers won’t run this year :(

Some of you probably noticed the low number of teams registered in the explorer category. We were hoping to entice a few more teams but sadly, it seems the explorers will not run this year.
This means all racers will finish on Saturday evening and the results will be announced on Sunday at 12:00. Of course there will be barbecue afterwards 🙂
We trust that the shorter course can provide plenty of challenges even for explorers – don’t let the change turn you away from an unforgettable adventure! 😀 All you need to do is decide how to team up.

This was not an easy decision to make, but ultimately we decided to focus our attention on the rover course and ensure the best possible experience for the majority of the racers.

Course breakdown

Adventure race Slovenia 2017 is getting closer! Today we are unveiling the course breakdown by kilometers – view it on our site. You will notice the teams will spend a lot of their time on bikes this year – better be ready! Also note this year’s extra disciplines – canyoning and swimming should provide the variety to make up for the long biking section 😉

The equipment section on our site was also refreshed and now reflects the exact gear you will need this year.

In short, all the details are now available, the only thing missing is YOU! Come and experience the toughest adventure Slovenia has to offer, we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

A facelift

Our site was a bit quiet lately, but at last, it emerges from it’s slumber in all it’s redesigned glory. We tried to  simplify as much as possible and make it easier for you to find the information you need. Hopefully you enjoy it 🙂 If you notice any strange behavior, quirks or contradicting information, let us know: info@adventurerace.si . The old site is still available, if you want to check out the archives.