• What’s going on?

    • Photos and results

      Here is the link to photos of this year’s adventure: Flickr. Check it out! If you also want to see the results, click here: Rezultati

    • The end of Adventure race Slovenia

      The 15th Adventure race Slovenia is over. Organizers are packing up the last things and participants are already heading home for well-deserved rest. We’ll see you at Velenje city adventure, which will be on september 15th, and until then we wish you lots of adventures.

    • Closing ceremony

      We have the winners of this year’s Adventure race Slovenia. In category Explorer the 3rd place belonged to the team Adventure race Croatia, 2nd place to the team Adventure Valley and the 1st place to the team Pustolovec RAJD 1. In Rover category the 3rd place belonged to the team Amfibija feat. Sigurvegarar, the 2nd […]

    • All team crossed the finish line

      That is it. All teams crossed the finish line, but adventure is not over yet. Participants are going to have lunch and at 2 p.m. there will be a closing ceremony.

    • Teams are near

      Two more Explorer teams just finished the race and we are waiting for one more team to crossed the finish line. They are near and are going to be here soon.

    • Rewards for the winning teams of this years Adventure race
    • Course planners prepared some really interesting challenges and amazing views
    • It looks like adventurers are having a great time on
    • Nothing better than a refreshment in water during the hot